Kentucky Public Service Commission

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Tariffs Library

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Average Underground Cost Differential
Cogeneration and Small Power Production
Direct Load Control Program-Commercial
Direct Load Control Program-Residential
DSM-2-Touchstone Energy Home
DSM-5-Commercial and Industrial Advanced Lighting Program
DSM-6-Industrial Compressed Air Program
DSM-Appliance Recycling Program
DSM-Button-Up Weatherization Program
DSM-ENERGY STAR Appliance Program
DSM-Heat Pump Retrofit Program
Economic Development Rider
Interruptible Service
Off-Peak Retail Marketing Rate
Rate 1-General Service
Rate 10-Optional Residential, Church, and School Service
Rate 11-General Service
Rate 12-Residential Service
Rate 15-Prepay Service
Rate 2-Large Power Service
Rate 22-Optional T-O-D Demand
Rate 23-Voluntary Interruptible Service
Rate 24-Renewable Energy Program
Rate 3-Outdoor and Street Lighting
Rate 33-Special Outdoor Lighting Service
Rate 4-Standby Power Rate
Rate 5-Cable Television Attachment
Schedule B1-Large Industrial Rate
Schedule B2-Large Industrial Rate
Schedule B3-Large Industrial Rate
Schedule C1-Large Industrial Rate
Schedule C2-Large Industrial Rate
Schedule C3-Large Industrial Rate
Schedule ES-Environmental Surcharge
Schedule NM-Net Metering
Touchstone Energy Home Program
Touchstone Energy Manufactured Home Program
Underground Cost Differential