Kentucky Public Service Commission

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Tariffs Library

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Adair County Water District - Sewer Division
Airview Utilities, LLC
Big Bear Wastewater Inc
Big Valley Sanitation, Inc
Black Mountain Utility District
Blue Sky Sewer Service Co. Inc
Boone County Water & Sewer District
Brocklyn Utilities
Bullitt Utilities, Inc
Bush Gardens Enterprises LLC
Cedar Hills Sanitation Disposal Company
City of Elizabethtown
Classic Construction, Inc
Commonwealth Waste Water, LLC
Concord Estates Subdivision
Coolbrook Utilities, LLC
Delaplain Disposal Company
East Pendelton County Water & Sewer Division II
Edmonson County Water District
Farmdale Development Corporation
Fountain Run Water District No. 1 - Sewer
Fox Run Utilities, LLC
Friendly Park Development
Garrison-Quincy-KY-O-Heights Water District
Grant County Sanitary Sewer District
Graves County Water District
Hardin County Water District No. 2
Hardin County Water District Number 1
Herrington Haven Wastewater Co., Inc
Jessamine South Elkhorn Water District
JoAnn Estates Utilities, Inc
Kentucky Mountain Housing Development Corporation
Kentucky-American Water Company
Kingswood Development, Inc
Knott County Water & Sewer District
Knox County Utility Commission
Lake Columbia Estates
Ledbetter Sewer District
Letcher County Water and Sewer District
Lexington Fayette Urban County Government
Longview Land Company, LLC
Lyon County Water District
Marshall County Environmental Services
Martin County Water District Sewer
McCreary County Water District
Middletown Waste Disposal, Inc
Mountain Water District
Nixutil Sanitation Association, Inc
Oakwood Sewage
Oldham Woods Sanitation
Par-Tee, LLC dba Perry Park Resort
Powells Valley Water District Sewer Divsion
PR Waste Management, Inc
Pro Man Property Management, LLC
R.A. Williams Company, Inc. dba Cedarbrook Treatment Plant
Ridgelea Investments, Inc
River Bluffs Inc
South 641 Water District
Springcrest Sewer Co., Inc
Symsonia Sewer District
Troublesome Creek Environmental Authority
Villas of Woodson Bend Sewer System c-o Citizens National Bank
Warren County Water District - Sewer Division
Waverly Sanitation Facilities, Inc
Webster County Sanitation District
Wood Creek Water District Wastewater Division
Woodland Acres Utilities LLC