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Folder: Contracts

Last Changed Name
Barbati Real Estate
Bob Wood Construction
Charles Jackson
Charles Mullins
D.B.T. Properties
George F. Smith
Gwendolyn and Robert Johnson
Gwendolyn and Robert Johnson and Marjorie Meuser Wagner
Harold Thornton
Hunters Point Development Co
J. Clifford & Elizabeth Todd
Jeff Cooper
Jerry Karem & Tom Perdew
Joe Bland
Juanita Stivers
K.P.J., Inc
Ken Marshall
Kenneth Miller
Kingbrook Commerce Park, LLC
Louisville Public Warehouse
Louisville Water Company
Majestic Oaks Farms
Marilyn McFarlane
Marjorie Meuser Wagner
Marjorie Wagner
Multiple Applicants
Richard & Deborah Grant
Richard and Linda Craig
Robert L. Brown and Joseph Richardson
Saddlecreek Farms Development
Sanderlin Farms
Shelbyville Municipal Water & Sewer Commission
Todd's Point Properties, LLC
Wal-Mart Stores
Walter & Gerta Sanner
William H. Bryant