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Company NameTariff Filing IDDescriptionDate FiledProposed Effective Date
AT&T Corp. TFS2018-00294 Tariff:     Withdraw Lucky Dog 10-10-345 Dial Around Service for residential customers.

KY_18_ATT_0006_Cover_Letter_LuckyDog_062918.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY_18_ATT_0006_Tariff_LuckyDog_062918.pdf TariffOriginal

6/13/2018 6/29/2018
Atmos Energy Corporation TFS2018-00296 Tariff:     Demand Side Management filing per Order in Case No. 2017-00424.

20180427_PSC_ORDER.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Atmos_296_Tariff_Revised.pdf TariffAmendment
Atmos_296_Tariff.pdf TariffReplaced

6/14/2018 5/1/2018
B & H Gas Company TFS2018-00303 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2018-00161. (PGA)

BH_TARIFF_2018-00161.pdf TariffOriginal

6/19/2018 7/1/2018
Big Rivers Electric Corporation TFS2018-00255 Tariff:     Agreement entered into among Big Rivers Electric Corporation, Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky under Big Rivers QFP tariff.

Read1st_cover_letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
JP_BREC_NG_PPA.pdf ContractOriginal

5/24/2018 6/23/2018
Big Rivers Electric Corporation TFS2018-00272 Contract:     Capacity Purchase Agreement with NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC.

Big_Rivers_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Big_Rivers_Petition.pdf PetitionOriginal
Big_Rivers_Support.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Big_Rivers_Master_Power_Purchase_and_Sale_Agreement.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Big_Rivers_Contract.pdf ContractOriginal

6/1/2018 7/1/2018
Bluegrass Gas Sales, Inc. TFS2018-00306 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2018-00158. (PGA)

Bluegrass_Gas_Tariff.pdf TariffOriginal

6/20/2018 7/1/2018
Bracken County Water District TFS2018-00298 Tariff:     Application to Establish an Afterhours Reconnection Fee and a Service Termination Field Collection Charge

BrackenCountyWaterDistrictNon-RecurringChargeFiling.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
CoverLetter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Bracken_298_Tariff_Revised.pdf TariffAmendment
TariffSheets.pdf TariffReplaced

6/15/2018 7/15/2018
Broadview Networks, Inc. TFS2018-00287 Tariff:     Pursuant to HB337, dated April 22, 2006, Broadview Networks, Inc. (“Broadview”) intends to operate on a detariffed basis effective July 3, 2018, and is withdrawing its local services tariff (KY P.S.C. No. 2)

Broadview_-DE_CLEC_Filing_Package.pdf TariffOriginal

6/11/2018 7/3/2018
Broadview Networks, Inc. TFS2018-00288 Tariff:     Pursuant to HB337, dated April 22, 2006, Broadview Networks, Inc. (“Broadview”) intends to operate on a detariffed basis effective July 3, 2018, and is withdrawing IXC services tariff currently on file with the Commission

Broadview_-DE__IXC_Filing_Package.pdf TariffOriginal

6/11/2018 7/3/2018
Burkesville Gas Company TFS2018-00229 Tariff:     Revision to the Pipeline Replacement Monthly Charge paragraph of the Purchase Gas Adjustment Clause section of the companys tariff.

Burkesville_Tariff_Revised.pdf TariffAmendment
Tariff_PRP_5-11-18.pdf TariffReplaced

5/11/2018 5/1/2018